Balint Kocsis

Cambridge Secondary Coordinator,EAL Teacher
Balint recently completed his Master’s degree through the University of Portsmouth, UK, and joined SBS in August 2018 from a private Cambridge curriculum secondary school in West Africa. He was previously a teacher/trainer at a university language center in Thailand. Balint is an avid golfer. His love of travel, adventure, and foreign cultures led to his keen interest in Asian art and antiques as a collector. Balint is a lifetime member of the United States Chess Federation and loves to share his enthusiasm and knowledge of the game with his students. Balint’s primary role at SBS is to help implement the Cambridge CAIE curriculum and examination center according to the highest international standards.

Michael Cote

Social Studies Teacher

Michael earned his Bachelor’s degree from the University of Massachusetts, USA, and his Master’s degree from the University of Portsmouth, UK. He has been teaching at SBS since 2018. Before coming to SBS, he taught for 14 years in universities in Thailand and for 2 years at a monastic school in Myanmar. Michael enjoys learning about languages and culture, as well as reading, especially history and literature. He also enjoys outdoor activities, including cycling and hiking, and listens to a wide range of music. Michael is part of the English department at SBS and is interested in writing, assessment, and functional grammar.

David Dirocco

Homeroom Teacher P2

David earned his degree from Massachusetts College of Art and Design in Boston. He is also CELTA certified and enjoys reading and the arts, especially drawing and photography. He spends several weeks every summer volunteering on small farms and teaching English to immigrants in the United States. David believes in building relationships with his students and creating a global understanding of cultures, social responsibility and community involvement.

Eileen Scande

Homeroom Teacher P1

Miss Eileen has 12 years international teaching experience in primary schools across three continents. She holds a Diploma in Junior Primary Education and completed her Bachelor of Education for Primary Degree with Honours. As a teacher she strives to create a thriving learning environment where student’s individual potential is recognized and met accordingly. In her free time she enjoys outdoor activities like biking, kayaking and hiking.

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