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Satit Bilingual School of Rangsit University – Chiangmai 
School Fees – Academic Year 2019/20

Admission Fee:  THB 60,000 non-refundable one-time fee payable upon acceptance of the student which must be paid before entering the school.

For returning students, the admission fee will be as follows:

  1. Withdrawal for one full academic year – admission fee is waived.
  2. Withdrawal for two full academic years – 50% admission fee is required
  3. Withdrawal for more than two full academic years – 100% of admission fee is required.

Tuition Fee / Meals Fee / iPad Programme:

Year Group

Tuition fee/ semester Tuition fee/ Year Meals fee/ semester iPad Programme/ semester Campus Development Capital Levy/Year

Toddler - K2

76,000 152,000 7,350 - 10,000

Year 1

82,000 164,000 7,900 -


Year 2-4

94,000 188,000 8,300 3,100  

only Year 4-6


Year 5 - 6

104,000 208,000


Year 7

108,000 216,000 9,000 - 10,000
Year 8 - 10 115,000 230,000 9,400 -


Year 11-13 125,000 250,000 9,400 -


*See Scholarships and Promotions below

Tuition Fees:  The tuition fee is inclusive of library, science lab, music room, medical clinic, gymnasium, internet access, textbook (borrowing), 24-hours accident insurance, field trips (selected years) and annual medical check-up.

Security Deposit: THB 10,000 Security Deposit is to: assure students return Instructional Materials provided by the school in satisfactory condition; cover any cost resulting from the student’s destruction of property and damages; assure payment of fees and/or other charges due to SBS, such as extracurricular or late bird fees.

EAL Fees:  English Additional Language Support (Year 7 - Year 13)

THB 20,000 baht per semester English Language Support will be provided to students who are assessed by the School as requiring additional English support in the classroom. The fee for Language support will be charged as above.

iPad 1:1 Programme: THB 3,100 per semester. The fee for iPad 1:1 Programme will be charged to Year 4-6 Students.

Teaching Assistant Fees: Students who are determined to benefit from the assistance of a Teacher Assistant (also referred to as a Teaching Assistant or TA) in order to access the curriculum will be charged the following fee on an annual basis. Teacher assistant fee 205,000 baht per year.

Summer Programme / ECAs / After School

Activities: Participating in summer programmes, extracurricular activities (ECAs) or after school activities may incur an additional charge depending on the activity. Each term a range of activities, together with fees for each activity will be offered.

Please note that fees are charged on a full-course basis. Neither reimbursement nor discount will be given for late attendance or non-attendance.

Sibling Discount: A 10% discount is offered on tuition fees, subject to;

  1. The sibling shares at least one parent or is legally adopted into the family.
  2. The sibling’s brother or sister is currently enrolled and studying at SBS.
  3. The discount[s] are applied to the younger siblings in ascending order.

Discount Validation: All discounts (including scholarships), must be strictly validated and full payment of fees and charges made before the due date. The doubling of discounts inclusive of promotional schemes is not permitted. Parents should instruct the admissions office of their choice upon enrollment or accounts office for existing Student.

Uniforms & Books: Uniforms and books can be purchased from the SBS Shop during opening hours. Mon – Fri, 08:30 – 16:00


1. Bank transfer to Siam Commercial Bank,
- A/C No. 405-158655-8; A/C Name “Satit Rangsit Chiangmai Company Limited” Big C, Hang Dong Branch,
- Bank address: 433/4 Moo 7 Sub District Maehia District Muang Province Chiang Mai 50100 Thailand,
- Swift Code: SICOTHBK (For international transfer)
Write student name & ID number on the copy of the transfer slip and send by e-mail to: or contact information 053-442 208 ext. 1105

2. Payment by cash, cashiers cheque or locally issued credit/debit card Visa/Mastercard at the school cashier office

SBS - Chiang Mai


Siam Commercial Bank (SCB)


Big C Hang Dong – Chiang Mai

A/C Name

Satit Rangsit Chiangmai Company Limited

Saving A/C no.


Credit Card and Debit Card Charge: A 1.5% charge is levied on all credit and debit card (local payment only) transactions.

Invoicing:  All fees are invoiced termly in advance of each new term. Payments must be made by the due date stated on the invoice. Late payment charges apply where fees remain outstanding beyond the due date.

Late Payment:  Failure to make full payment by the due date will incur late payment charges. Late payment charge[s] include:

  1. THB 2,000 once a term fee applied on overdue tuition, EAL, meals, and SEN (if any), plus
  2. Late payment interest of 1.5% per month is applied on total outstanding balance from the first day after the due date until payment is received. In case of overdue payments, the school reserves the right to withhold school documents and transcripts until all fees are fully settled. Exclusion from class or the school may also be applied. Additionally, the student will not automatically be re-enrolled in the new term.

Notice of Leaving: Notice in writing is required for any student leaving the school.

Security Deposit Refund Policy: If a deposit can be returned that will be in full less any damages or non-returned items or fees outstanding and only if claimed within 2 years of the student’s last day at school. The deposit will be refunded at the parent / guardian’s request upon the notification of the student’s withdrawal at the end of an Academic year or graduation from SBS, and after all instructional materials have been returned in good condition and all of the parent’s financial obligations to the school have been met. The security deposit is forfeited if the student withdraws any time before the end of the current Academic school year. There is no deposit refund for mid-year or mid-term student withdrawal. The security deposit is refundable only if the student completes the Academic school year and the School is notified in writing of the student's withdrawal at least 30 days prior to the start of the new (next) Academic school year. For more details, the refund policy is available from the Finance Office.

*** The School reserves the right to adjust the fees annually ***

2019 SBS Cambridge Celebration Scholarships

Year Group

Tuition fee/ semester Tuition fee/ Year 50% scholarship in 1st year

Scholarship in 2nd-3rd year (two years)

Toddler - K2

76,000 152,000 76,000 10% 273,600

Year 1

82,000 164,000



Year 2-4

94,000 188,000 94,000 15%


Year 5 - 6 104,000 208,000



Admissions Fee is waived for Year 2 - Year 6  students

Tuition fee will be adjusted annually

Other Scholarships




Secondary Lifetime Scholarships
for new Year 7 to Year 13 applicants

Admissions Exam performance results

50% Off Tuition Fee
(Lifetime Scholarship for grades Year 7 to Year 13)  

Merit Scholarships
from Year 7 to Year 13. Renewable annually upon meeting scholarship criteria

GPA ≥ 3.80 & Admissions and *Scholarship Exam performance results

      100% Off Tuition Fee        (1 year scholarship)

GPA ≥ 2.5 & Admissions and *Scholarship Exam performance results

50% Off Tuition Fee
(1 year scholarship)

Cambridge International Programme A/AS Level Scholarship Year 12 to Year 13

Cambridge IGCSE Exams – Obtaining a C or above in a minimum of 3 subjects & Admissions and *Scholarship Exam performance results

100% Off Tuition Fee
(2 year scholarship)

*Scholarship seats are limited  


  • Admissions Fee, Deposit Fee, meals, English as an Additional Language (EAL) support fees, exam fees, textbooks, school supplies, extra curricular activities (ECAs), uniforms, 24-hours accident insurance, field trips (selected years) and annual medical check-up etc. are not included
  • Students can only receive one scholarship / promotion at a time
  • For further details please visit our Scholarships page on our website

For securing a scholarship, you may pay 30,000 Baht Deposit Fee, and Enrollment Fee for one term within a one-month period after paying Deposit Fee. This fee is non-refundable should parents later choose to withdraw their application. Should the school decline the offer of a place after the 30,000 Baht Fee has been paid (for example as a result of student assessment or no seat available), this amount will be fully refunded.  

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