The Satit Bilingual School student admissions policy is guided by:

  1. Will the student make a positive contribution to the school?
  2. Do the parents support the school’s vision, mission and concepts?
  3. Can the school provide the best opportunity for the child?

Students’ academic achievement and language proficiency are key criteria in the admissions process.

Applications for admission to SBS are accepted at anytime during the academic year, which typically runs from mid August to early June.

Admission is open to students of all nationalities and races. The school attempts to meet the needs of students with dietary, religious or other restrictions however, no guarantee is made by the school that all individual needs can be met.

Application for admission at all levels requires the completion of the enrolment form. Admission is subject to the payment of the appropriate enrolment fee. Students will be placed in their correct age group, apart from exceptional circumstances. The reasons for these exceptions would only be in the best interests of the education of the child as determined by the school and requires approval from the Head of School or his/her designee.

When doubt exists as to the reason for leaving a previous school, the Head of School or his/her designee will contact the previous school, prior to enrollment.

Final approval for admission lies with the Head of School.

The cut-off date for entry to each of our grade levels is August 1st. For example, a child must be 3 by August 1st of the current year to enter K1, and 6 by 1st August of the current year to enter Primary 1.

The level of English of all non-native speakers applying for Grade 3 and up will be assessed before a place can be offered. The outcome of this assessment will determine whether or not a child will need English as an Additional Language (EAL) support.

Our staff at SBS are here to help guide you through all the information required to ensure the early days of our prospective partnership are as easy and productive as possible. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further advice or information.


Admission Process

Step 1: Information to Prospective Parents

Please contact the Admissions team in order to collect the Prospective Parent Information Pack which includes:

  • School Profile
  • Application and Registration Procedures
  • International grade comparisons and usual age for entry to SBS
  • Schedule and Fees, including uniform and catering charges
  • Extra-curricular activities programme

Step 2: Making Your Application

Students holding other nationalities than Thai have to obtain an Education Visa while they are studying in the school.

Foreign students who do not hold Education Visa:

Please provide the supporting documents as follows on the enrollment day for the school to apply for an Education Visa.

Documents required to applying for education visa for foreign student:

  1. Copy of student’s passport
  2. Copy of parent’s passport
  3. Copy of grade report
  4. Copy of Birth Certificate of the student
  5. Family Registration List.
  6. Copy of parent's work permit.
  7. Current monthly income tax for the parent

Step 3: Submission of application and time frame

Applications for admission to SBS are accepted at anytime during the academic year, which typically runs from mid August to early June.

  • Grade placement and comparison to other systems are included in the Prospective Parent Information Pack. (Please read the comparison chart carefully for the normal entry to each grade level).
  • This application is considered complete when all requirements are received by the Admissions Office. Once all the requirements are met and received by the Admission Office, an interview will be arranged for you and your child.
  • Enrollment for extra-curricular activities require separate applications

Step 4: Admission Testing and  Interview

Once all the application  requirements have been met and received by the Admissions Office, an admission interview will be made with the Principal or his/her designee.

  • Placement testing and / or an observation period focusing on a student’s  language proficiency and academic achievement, usually one to two hours in length, is required and will be arranged at the same time as your admission interview.

Step 5: Offer of Entry and Acceptance

When your application is successful, you will be sent a formal offer of a place for your child and a slip to confirm if you wish to take up the offer.

Step 6: Registration

Once you have returned the acceptance offer, the required fees should be paid to the Admissions Office. Registration is complete when all fees are received (refer to Announcement of SBS School Fees, section 5 – Conditions for payment).

Step 7: Information to registered students and parents

An information package for parents will be made available, which contains all the necessary information you will need to ensure a happy start to your child’s time at SBS.  You will also receive a copy of the registration form indicating your child’s teacher and ID number. School uniforms should be purchased from the School Shop prior to their child’s first day.

The School will confirm student class placement prior to the start of the academic year.

Step 8: Orientation

Parents will be informed and provided curriculum information for the appropriate grade level.

Please note: As part of the application procedure, parents are required to designate persons authorised to collect your child from school.  The Admissions team will assist you with this.

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