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SBS’s primary programme is designed to make your child an inquirer, thirsty for knowledge and equipped with all the tools to grow that knowledge independently.
We at SBS teach through a constructivist approach, which allows students to build deeper knowledge thanks to hands-on experiences and interactive activities.

We’ve developed the constructivist approach into the four pillars of SBS: process-based learning, interactive learning, information technology literacy and authentic assessment. Our primary programme is where all four pillars first come fully into play.

Through process-based learning, your child is encouraged to reflect on learning experiences to create their own knowledge, one that is deeper and more broadly linked. To achieve this, many activities are interactive, or involve collaborative teams, with teachers as facilitators. As a result, children are deeply engaged and connected to the content.

With self-evaluation and ongoing individual assessments, your child always knows where they stand, and how to keep getting ahead. This allows our students to meet both Thailand’s academic standards and prepare for the International Baccalaureate.

Beyond the metrics, our four pillars also ensure your child develops critical and creative thinking, along with Information Technology (IT) fluency—all essential skills to nurture children who excel at leading, creating and learning.

“My favorite class is the one where we get to use iPads!”

Duangtawan Taddeo Majoli Magglioli 8

“I like having both Thai and international friends.”

Prantawan Taddeo Majoli Magglioli, 10

“I like to read and I borrow a lot of books. The library has tons of them. I like the environment here. We can learn outdoors and join in extra-curricular programmes like RSU Wisdom Kids, which is a news programme we do in Thai and English with my classmates.”

Atiwan Ourairat, 11

“I like to make presentations in the computer room. I like to design PowerPoints and search for pictures. I also play tennis. I’m this year’s national champion for singles. And I’ve been the champ for doubles for two years now.”

Kunanan Pantaratorn, 7

“I like my homework. You have to do things. It’s fun. I’m a tennis champion, too. I won the Jumroen Cup for Under 8 Years. But I’m only five!”

Dharma Pantaratorn, 5

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