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“an effective leader is one who presumes good intent, is accessible, visible and supportive. An effective leader trusts others in their roles, believes in the team and nurtures their success as his responsibility.

Rick Elya, Head of School - Chiang Mai

Profile: Rick Elya - Head of School & PYP Coordinator - Chiang Mai

We are pleased to announce that Rick Elya (USA) will be joining SBS as Head of School in July 2017 ready for the start of the upcoming academic year.
Rick comes with a wealth of educational leadership experience at various International Schools around the globe. He is currently wrapping up the school year in Turkey where is currently Interim Director General at Bilkent Laboratory & International School (BLIS) that offers PYP, IGCSE and IBDP to 1,030 students.

Rick is a dedicated and experienced school leader, educator and collaborator. His experiences have been in building the capacity of teachers, coordinators and educational assistants and in educating the whole child, with a firm understanding of the pedagogy required to do so. He led the process of creating collaborative
professional learning communities at ISU and at the American International School of Guangzhou (AISG) and has introduced the concept of professional learning communities to the administration team at BLIS.

In addition to this Rick has experience as an active member of strategic planning teams and developing and implementing action plans for whole-school advancement. Specifically, experience in creating systems of data collection and analysis, reviewing and developing school-wide policies and procedures, and recruiting and retaining the best teachers for schools in challenging environments. He also has experience developing academic programs that challenge all learners through an articulated inquiry curriculum and experience with AERO and PYP standards.

At ISU in Mongolia, Rick promoted the raising of standards through the guided development of curriculum and the development of policy and philosophy statements for language, assessment, literacy, EAL, and early childhood. These statements articulate what the team believed and practiced as a school, drove planning and decision making, brought continuity to instruction, and assisted new teachers and families in their understanding of the school.

With over 27 years in Education and extensive experience in both teaching and leadership roles we are very pleased to be able to welcome Rick to SBS.


Edward Robinson
Superintendent of Schools

31st May 2017

Rick Elya's Educational & Leadership Philosophy:

The foundation of my education and leadership philosophy is transparency, integrity and collaboration.

  • Transparency cultivates trust.
  • Integrity and principled behavior earn respect. 
  • Collaboration builds a positive culture of learning.

When a leader is transparent, has integrity, and is collaborative, an empowered team can move a school forward toward reaching its goals.

My experience has led me to believe that:

  • Having a transparent decision making process has earned me the trust of faculty and my community. My faculty is informed of pending decision and are made aware of how the decision will be made; through consensus, with input, or executively. Faculty, parents and students know that every decision I make is made in the safety and best interest of children.
  • Modeling integrity and honesty is fundamental to building solid relationships. Students, faculty and parents observe the consistency of my actions and responses. They hear me acknowledge when I make errors or, upon reflection, have concerns. This encourages them to take risks, honestly reflect and together we learn and build a stronger relationship.
  • Creating systems and schedules that foster collaboration has promoted risk-taking and innovation amongst my staff and faculty. Collaboration has advanced their learning, which in turn, has advanced student learning. Creative ideas have flourished with the support, input and feedback from their colleagues and me.

I see an effective leader as one who presumes good intent, is accessible, visible and supportive. An effective leader trusts others in their roles, believes in the team and nurtures their success as his responsibility.

I know that the time invested in recognizing what motivates others is time well spent. I know that articulating a clear vision, having high expectations and building on people’s strengths empowers them to achieve their aspirations, which contributes to the creation of a positive, dynamic learning environment.


Rick Elya

31st May 2017

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